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Had quite a few things done over the last couple years. I use an App called Rated People

Fill in a few details, what you want doing, area you live etc and it brings up a list of local available tradesmen. They all have profiles with feedback from previous customers. Message the guys who you like the sound of and more often than not they'll be back in touch within 48hrs to arrange a quote.

You can also post a message on the virtual messages board, explaining what you need doing etc - again, any available tradesmen who fancy it will reply to your message. You then look at their profiles, feedback and whatnot and create yourself a shortlist.

It's reyt good.

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Yeah covid is a huge part of this - everyone stuck at home working on the house.

You can't get a painter, plumber, gardener, anything. Been trying to get the exterior painted for the last 12 months. Contacted literally dozens of painters, all saying there's no point even coming out because it would be 2022 before they could do it.

Cost of raw materials has gone through the roof too. Wood, bricks, MDF, you name it. Global supply & demand.
Yup - various lockdowns, social distancing, and isolating staff have had a large impact on production of raw materials. Has made a lot of companies invest in more automation.

Labour shortages in construction seems to be happening in many places - like Edgy said, few countries are training enough workers to replace those who retire. Same with many industries.


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and yes Im serious.

Father in law is a heating engineer and getting parts and everything through is now a total nightmare. A lot of his subbies were sent home never to return.
Nothing to do with the brexit, it’s people taking on more than they can handle.