Transfer Window Overview - January 2021


First Team
The thing is, when you sign players for big fees, they may not resign the contract.. just like Pearson/Davies etc (I know we didn’t pay big fees) if we did though, you start digging your own grave unless you sell like we did with Robbo and Jordan but it’s 10x harder trying to replace them straight away. I do like the structure we have in place and it’s quite obvious AN is trying to build a team around a few good players, promotion might take a while but he’s building us to become something we’ve never been before.
losing players like Pearson and Davies for nothing is killing us but realistically can we afford to pay them 30k a week and that doesn’t fit inline with what we are doing. Check our budget restrictions and check the lot. We run off one of the lowest in the league but if you take in to account our attendance week in you’ll see that’s one of the lowest too. We are overachieving and have been every time we’ve been near the play offs. AN wants to keep BP DJ and BD but you really can’t blame them for wanting to leave. If we sold them for a combined fee of say 20M and signed players like Whiteman etc with that money could we make that push? Who knows?