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Series 2 of Motherland starts again on BBC 2 at 9.30 tonight, presumably leading up to a fresh run.

Best comedy of last year by a distance.


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Watching Crown and English game at the moment.... both very good and informative.

Princess Margaret was a bit of a rum lass..... mind you, so was Tony Armstrong-Jones !!

Dirty Harry

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Watched episode 1 tonight, bloody excellent, I'm not usually a fan of David Tennant but I have to say he's superb in this, the likeness to Nielsen is uncanny.
Yes it really was an incredible performance from David Tennant, really enjoyed that. Daniel Mays was also at his usual excellent standard too.


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Lots of publicity about Schitts Creek this morning. No doubt it's been mentioned here before but if you've not seen it it's brilliant. We binged watched all six series in about 2 weeks.