VAR and those cheating gits....


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Just watched highlights of City and Juve games. Anyone who thinks VAR will make players more honest is joking. Never seen so many strikers and defenders diving and taking their own legs away to fall to the floor. Every time now the ball goes in the box one or the other take turns to have one player collapse to the ground to create a VAR situation in the event of a goal. Ridiculous. Grown men cheating a new system. Not helped by a ref who whistles every time a player goes to ground. Frankly only 10% of situations are fouls. Cant watch that.
It is going to ruin the spectacle for me. Some watching at home might quite like it, the commentators certainly don't shut up about it, but unless they get it sorted out the people in the stadium are going to suffer.

Managers watching the replays on a tablet and then screaming at the ref? Come off it.

Watch some clips of the rugby refs online, that is what Fifa should have focussed on achieving before implementing a system like this that only seems to work with numerous officials.