Wayne Rooneys Derby Again (Entering Administration)

norfolk white

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Good I don’t even feel sorry for their supporters. They weren’t bothered when they cheated and signed Rooney.
I feel sorry for the fans of any club that is run very poorly, even those down the road when the Oystens were in charge. Yes we might make fun of them but it is the owners/upper management of the clubs that cause the dammage, the fans just carried away on their coat tails not understanding fully what they are doing or what is going on behind the scenes.


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The likelihood of a sale by January is slim, so I’m led to believe.
Apparently, the money is not there to pay the players after this time, so the club will incur another 3 point deduction each month they are late. Any decent players will be sold in January to pay off some of the debt.
WR has said he will play the kids once relegation is confirmed…they might only have the kids left!
Anyone buying DCFC, in my opinion, needs their heads read!


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Anyone buying DCFC, in my opinion, needs their heads read!
Have you heard the cheeky bastard Mel Morris including his £114m worth of loans within the unsecured creditors list?

They are absolutely screwed. £54m (give or take) of secured creditors which need to be paid off in full as to not incur another points deduction, if they ever get out of admin and don't liquidate which I personally think is more than a real possibility.

Price of Football was a good listen yesterday morning on the situation there.


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Surely a further points deduction, from the Championship table is pointless, as they're doomed (?)
Take more points of them when starting to their L1 season, surely.
As for paying their (secured) creditors in full,when LUFC came
tumbling down, many around Leeds City received a v.small percentage of their credit with the Club.
Just ask our Peter, Craig.

Go on,I dare you.