What Are You Listening To?

Preston Lad

If you check Spotify a whole bunch of stuff is finally available including some of their Timelords/JAMMS stuff and things like "Chill Out" (albeit things are renamed and some seems to still not have been cleared for samples)
Will have a nosey👍🏻
Thanks Jake.


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I'll acknowledge it if no one else will... @PNEESSEX , I cannot stand the guy, you can post as many 'best versions' as you like, they're all absolutely and unequivocally unlistenable. However, I absolutely respect your enthusiasm so get some Bob on your headphones and turn it up to maximum!

You are, of course, a Philistine! How anyone can listen to that version of Blind Willie McTell and say he can't sing is beyond me......
Ive listened to some Dylan every day for well over 40 years, so I may just be a little biased :D


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Ahh my bad, I’ve not listened to it tbh just been listening to Currents again, need to give it a go really.

Saw them in Blackpool in 2019 and it was absolutely incredible.
You should check out Lonerism as well if you haven’t already, almost on a par with Currents. In fact, I’d say it actually is.

Can’t believe they played in Blackpool, thought they’d be far too big for that backwater!