What vehicles have you done your Pott(y) business on?

paolo poggi

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A deep fake video is circulating showing a squad member resorting to extreme ablutionary measures. These fakes are getting more and more realistic. But just in case, and before everyone pokes their finger or nose into this mess, I think we've all ended up in that situation where you have to go, and the only place available is the windscreen of the nearest hatchback. Let he who hath not laid cable on a Ford Escort MkII, cast the first mudcake.

Adam .

I once took a shit on a Fiat Multipla.

I wasn’t desperate or anything, it is just a grotesque car and I wanted to improve it a tad



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Good word that. You might not know what you stepped in, but it’s always going to be a bad thing if you trod in it.
In a related incident, I once climbed Scafell Pike, stopped fairly near the top for a ham sandwich and a Blue Riband, and nearly sat in a poo. I mean, like, inches away, staring at me on a rock.

There must be something about mountains and pooing.