What would you say?


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Id say ..........

Lonergan your nothing but a pathetic excuse for a goalkeeper who IMO we will be better without you better off and better all together!

Billy Jones another pathetic excuse for a right back who to be quite frank! PNE ONLINE'S very own Thor could do a better job than you!

SSL Your not happy at PNE Fuck off then because we dont want you here with that attitude!

Ward! Sign on next season because your better than chilivers!

Callum Knocking on abit mate??? Retirement mean anything to you!

Wallce your 5ft 0 Gobb of to the Referee every game but if a player says anything to you you shit yourself! Same goes to you as SSL you dont want be here fuck off

James and Coutts You two will be great Next season keep your chins up!

Treacy Get on Fergie to play you we didn't sign you for nothing!

Mellor Fat Steven Gerrard who for a striker can't even score 1 on 1's Pathetic

Parkin a fan favee! But your 6ft 4 man you know when you get a cross jump!!! Btw keep on those pies the bigger the better!

Brown One season man time to move on!

Shumilikoski, Elliot, Collins, Chaplow, Carter Hand in your transfer Request tomorow and I will personally carry you there becasue you lot are the biggest load of shit iv ever seen in my life and Iv seen Andy Smith!!

Fergie Jnr! One word Daddy!!!! We need more fucking players from your dad at the standard of James No more Welbeck's please!

All in all that sums it up now lets have a good training session :D
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dirk pnemouse

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I would lie to them and say the chairman has offered £25,000 each if we avoid the drop , money is all these guys understand and honesty by there level of commitment is very low on there agenda .

Lord Edgington

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Morning lads, meet sleepy, dozy, bashfull etc etc
no it's not a breakfast with Disney, these are your replacements, right sleepy get them gloves on and stand between the posts !