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Who's in the drawer, Peter?

What name should be in Peters drawer?

  • Mike Marsh

    Votes: 5 1.3%
  • Billy Davies

    Votes: 110 29.5%
  • Paul Heckingbottom

    Votes: 82 22.0%
  • Sam Allardyce

    Votes: 30 8.0%
  • John Terry

    Votes: 19 5.1%
  • Gary Rowett

    Votes: 41 11.0%
  • Scott Parker

    Votes: 23 6.2%
  • Neil Critchley

    Votes: 47 12.6%
  • David Challinor

    Votes: 20 5.4%
  • Alex Neil

    Votes: 13 3.5%
  • John Mousinho

    Votes: 20 5.4%
  • Brian Barry-Murphy

    Votes: 58 15.5%
  • Ryan Mason

    Votes: 53 14.2%
  • Roy Keane

    Votes: 8 2.1%

  • Total voters
152 votes roughly, 0 for RL is a damning indicement of how he is rated here, 8th in the league or not. Even Mike Marsh has 2 votes
His work completed, is it time for Agent Appleton to return to headquarters?

You know I'm geeking it up and feel free to laugh at me but he's another one like Critchley whose underlying numbers in league 1 are always class. Both with Lincoln and now Charlton, XG is always high despite his rep as being a bit of a steady Eddie.

I'm not arguing in favour of him and given his performances in the Championship, I think he will need to get a team up to prove himself now but Appleton is a better manager than Lowe in my opinion.

He's suffered for appalling timing, taking up positions at clubs like Rovers and Blackpool when they were both dying on their arses.

Anyway, wouldn't be a popular appointment but give me Appleton over Rowett any day.
Surprised to see Jones so high given how seemingly important personality is to PNE fans. I'm not being critical there, it just is. We've always hated bell ends and I do class Jones as a bit of a bell end.

Glad to see Critchley so high. That would be a really thoughtful appointment that and I could just imagine the senior pros in there loving having a bit of substance going into the training methods/tactics. Held senior coaching roles at Liverpool and Villa and has amazing stats to back up his performances across both divisions. Not a flavour of the month type appointment, one who has a bit of a weird career so far but a bloody good manager who always has a gameplan.
Considering he was at their game on Saturday, he must have another club interested.

Rotherham would be a bit of an odd one to take for any manager who's recently taken a club to brink of championship play offs as Rowett and Jones have done.

They've yo-yoed between championship and league one in last decade and realistically with their budget they happily take 21st every single season at this level unless they get a takeover.

If Darren Moore was still out of work he'd have probably taken that job by now. If Warne gets sacked by Derby he'll probably end up back at Rotherham eventually.

At least here there's a chance to potentially overachieve and make the top 6 one season or challenge for it as Neil did. Needs plenty to come together and weaker teams coming down from premier league but this is still more attractive job than Rotherham (just about).
I sincerely hope he doesn't.

Very impressive, but as a couple of people have commented, what about the majority of his games in charge, which ended in defeat? And his record at Stoke was even worse, with a 15.8 win %.

Yeah Stoke was terrible but no one since their relegation has gone in and done anything. AN is making a complete mess of the job despite getting his favourites like DJ and Pearson in.

In the premier league he was seriously out of his depth but that dosen't mean he can't do well back in the championship with the correct conditions as someone like Warnock showed time and again.

Appointing Nathan Jones would be rolling the dice but something in the unusual transfer activity in the summer hinted Hemmings Jr started to have more of a say and is clearly as bored as everyone else at just treading water every season in the championship so unlike last year I think Lowe is on thin ice currently given how bad the last two game have been from a footballing perspective which shouldn't be happening anymore.
What was Luton's win percentage under Jones? i seem to remember the season before last they never lost back to back games which was a huge part of the reason they finished 6th.

He basically did there in two spells what Moyes did here between 1997-02.
Strange comment.

Although I'd take Darren Moore if he was available.
Hardly, thats all we have on the list. Not saying its racist just very one dimensional. I’d love a Portuguese flavour running through the team, maybe some flair and a refreshing attacking approach.
Lashers having a good laugh at our expense…..

Apparently according to one poster “ we won the World Cup at Ewood park 3 weeks ago and had a parade through Preston but now we want Lowe sacked “

What division are they in ??