Why are flys etc thick as pig shit ?


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They are sensitive souls, they can sense me coming with my rolled up newspaper from a mile off. Having said that, there seems to be surfaces where they can't feel the vibrations, I just haven't figured it out yet.

Lord Edgington

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Horrible things… I hate it when you go out for a meal and they start flying around your food..

They truly are germ-spreading bastards
Very much so
But slightly higher in the evolutionary scale that the half wits who broke into Wembley and filmed themselves doing so 🤷‍♂️


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Ok humans. The larvae of the fly -the maggot, has a vital role in the ecosystem system. It feeds off rotting meat. This means that remains of dead animals (left overs/waste created by humans-the real dirty bastards in this story) are consumed. They help get rid of a huge amount of harmful bacteria saving us from disease and infection. They can also be used to treat festering wounds as they only eat dead and rotting flesh never touching live tissue. They have saved many lives.
That's you humans told off!


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What? Your finger shrank?

What did you do to piss a bee off, they won't sting unless threatened, not like those knob head wasps.

It was a simple misunderstanding. Sensed something fluttering around and brushed it off.

Must have stuck my finger straight up its hole.

Much better today although it’s very sensitive to water.

I get the impression my wife wants me to put my ring back on.

She’s away on Monday and Tuesday so I’ll probably leave it off to annoy her.