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World Cup every 2 years

I actually prefer the Euros these days. Though I must admit, I find it odd that Yugoslavia and Czecozlovakia never seem to qualify these days, whilst smaller nations such as Croatia and Serbia often do.

I've bet on Rhodesia, German East Africa and Zaïre to qualify for the World Cup. My friends think I'm stupid, but I've got a real good feeling about this.
So basically the ball is in play an average of 60 minutes. Wenger wants games to be played over 60 minutes, but clock is stopped for any stoppage.
He's seen the Cricket Limited-Over Models, and a Lightbulb Moment's gone off his head.
He's off his head, but if some Billionaire gets pally with him, the games Fucked.
Just like with the IPL.
Wenger says this is what the fans want. Yet every poll I've seen says the opposite.

I'd rather see the Euros every 2 years than a World Cup. I personally think the Euros are more entertaining than the World Cup.
If Wenger was still at club level he would be against this nonsense 100%, his head is turned by money, what a prick.
Apparently having a world cup every 2 years is going to save lives, how has he come to that conclusion??

Might get rid of the African nations cup

Either way, bollocks to fifa

Just read the article too wow them comments are insane
If the World Cup is every 2 years, how are going to fit in the Euros?
Hopefully they won't 😂

Think every summer a 4 week tournament would work if they sacked off all the international breaks, especially the ones around sept/Oct/Nov; absolutely painful
Lets face it, the World Cup is really about Europe v South America. The Winners list throughout history shows this as does the Club World Cup.

If Caf, the African governing body, wishes to continue to back FIFA on this, then crack on. It will be an AFCON with few outside teams joining in.

I hope that UEFA and Conmebol pull out of FIFA and set up their own 4 yearly tournament whilst inviting disenchanted teams from other regions to join if they so wish.

Not a chance that this goes through at the expense of both The Euros and The Copa América.