Yeah, I had corona virus too. So did my imaginary friend


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So it doesn't suit your agenda. Shame.
It’s not about agenda, but if you want people to accept your rationale then the source really needs to have some sort of credibility. The sources you’re quoting are unreliable and have work retracted from respected journals.


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Player becomes ill with Covid 19, instead of get well soon and other messages of support, an all out war of words break out. Sums up this forum lately, I feel for the mods and admins that have to deal with it all. Who need local rivals when we got our own fans. Come on guys we are better than this, we meant to be The Gentry of the Football World.
One of the mods is joining in the war!!!


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Jake fucking loves a scrap

Always hilarious when JD is giving out a group bollocking, then the post below is Jake giving it large :ROFLMAO:
It’s not a scrap. Simply trying to ask a poster who suggests that 60,000 deaths is a hoax where their evidence is from. So far I’ve seen sole YouTube videos of discredited scientists speculating about what they think. I’m hoping the poster at least questions their sources.