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Thread: Jimmy Corcoran

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    should just have been a word in the ear, particularly to someone so young. Can't expect referees to show any commonsense, they have to work to the letter of the law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giro View Post
    If all referees adopted that approach. They’d be sending off half a dozen keepers, each week!
    Exactly. I posted early in the thread about all other GK's doing it.

    RVW, are you a referee by any chance?

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    I want immediate retrospective yellow cards for Bruce Grobbelaar and every goal keeper ever involved in a world cup penalty shoot out.

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    Gaining a yard on a throw in, taking a corner inches outside the designated quarter circle, taking time on a goal kick to waste time , taking a free kick with a slightly moving ball to gain quick advantage . All cheating but if yellow cards were given on every occasion there would be 6 or 7 every game apart from the "genuine" cards. At least it would make Ben Pearson less notorious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RVW View Post
    I refer you to post # 32.

    But other than that, ..........Bodin got sent off for "cheating" recently, and in my book, a goalie who comes forwards off his line when facing a penalty is "cheating".

    Or don't you agree with that?

    Now you're being silly........... You appear to have a real problem with applying common sense.............You're not a traffic warden by any chance are you?
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    The Dutch goalie seems to come off his line to save an Irish penalty but the Irish lad never got a chance to retake his nor was he booked. He warned the dutch goalie a couple of times and then took action against the Irish lad, was very harsh.

    Think of it this way, had the ref not taken any action nobody would be talking about him. Was daft

    He has since come out with a very mature statement on twitter though, seems to be a good lad.

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