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Agree with Mark, above.

If there is to be a new Hospital there really couldnt be a better location.

If youre talking gridlock sharoe green lane to get in and out of RPH at rush hours is frightening. Youve got the hospital, several schools and Preston college all tipping out at the same time.

Add to that nose to tail queues coming off the motorway at both 31a and 32 junctions.

One thing I would really like to see, though, should this happen, is one of chorley or Preston sites kept open as a "Continuation hospital." Its always seemed to me that closure of these has put real problems for the need of, Acute," beds at main hospitals.
I think it would be good to keep something at Preston. I know a new hospital could only be 10 minutes from Broughton. But like I say if there is a motorway incident, how does an ambulance get off the motorway. It would eventually, but at least on normal roads you can find an alternative route. Sometimes every second counts. Would be good if a smaller unit with an A and E could be kept in Preston.