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    Freecycle ......

    It's a great place to give and request a huge variety of things for free. Ive used it loads up here but assuming it's available in Lancs also. Subscription is easy and you get one email daily as an update. Get on it
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    Never used it but this is the Preston group.
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    I'm happy to do some swappsies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by preach View Post
    I'm happy to do some swappsies.
    My cardboard recycling bin is overflowing this week, so looking to get rid of a few bits...

    14 empty boxes of cereal, 20 toilet roll tubes, 15 cup-o-soup boxes and load of chicken dinner ready meal boxes.

    If you're interested in trying to build owt with that lot...a model castle or whatever.... give us a shout.

    FREE to you Preach....8p per item to non forum patrons, and 3p per item to forum patrons.

    Don't say I never sort you out with any great deals.
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