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I don’t think we’d splash out our biggest fee on a player in a number of years just to be cover.

Shame, as if Big Sam was still at Everton I think the Connolly deal would be done.

Funnily enough, I think AN rates Clarke at RB. As I think you’ve mentioned before, he doesn’t seem too bothered about our full backs getting forward.
Yep, worded it wrongly. Someone mentioned Connolly in the context of Spurr leaving, when they’re not really linked. He’d be my first choice right back, from what I’ve seen he’s got more to his game than Fisher.

As for full backs giving attacking width, Neil certainly favoured that at Norwich. He also spoke about encouraging Fisher to get forward more at the back end of last season. Hughes is also decent going forward by Posh fans’ accounts. Would be surprised if we don’t see an improvement in that respect next season.