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Thread: Food Bank Crisis - Please Help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNEroulette View Post
    Are the opening hours as per the above website or do you have to ring to confirm it? Thanks.
    Yes , they are correct ! Just turn up and drop it off , they are more than used to it , if you back your car up to the door they will probably send someone out to help you if you need it !
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    There is a collection point at the Town Hall reception.
    For the last 2 years or so the Newcastle fans have collected over 5 tonnes of food through a charity they set up Toonaid it collects at the ground each home game at a collection point they have sorted out at the ground with the support of the club. The food goes to the West End food bank in Newcastle. Geordies helping Geordies has made a difference.
    Maybe something the club, the Salvation Army and the fans could pull together in time for next season and we could drop our donations off on match days.

    Please give now though as holiday hunger is a real issue for many families in the summer holidays it can only be worse when universal credit comes to Preston at the start of the holidays
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    Just a quick line to say a big 'thank you' to everyone who has donated so far. The response to our appeal so far has been tremendous - yet more proof that PNE fans are the best. The shelves are now starting to fill, but the food is going out almost as soon as it is coming in, and the huge ongoing and anticipated demand means we are certainly not out of the woods yet.

    Thank you all again from all of us at The Salvation Army and please keep those food donations coming!


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