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Thread: How many games should AN be given?

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    Quote Originally Posted by California_PNE View Post
    Haha you're moaning cause I had a go at your bullshit.

    Look at the teams they're poles apart.

    Never said I was a football expert either haha where do you get this from?

    I pointed out that you were lazily gobbing off about Neil and highlighted your ignorance. That's all. Did it strongly because if people like you are allowed to continue to ignorantly criticise when theres a MUCH bigger picture to be considered then I've every right to have a say before other people start believing your bollox
    I'm a lot of things, but ignorant isn't one of them. I leave the gobbing off to the likes of you: you are certainly building yourself quite a fan club aren't you?

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    lose to sheff utd and west Brom then out and take Pr with you and JK and TH
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    Lose to Sheffield United and West Brom has to go, team selection and tactics taking us nowhere but down. Only one formation in his locker and it ainít working, if heís as good a manager as some think should be able to change formations during games if first choice isnít working. Tried 4 4 2 at Norwich got beat so goes back to his favoured 4 2 3 1 that isnít working, obviously losing Maguire and Bodin was a big loss that close to season starting but has had enough time to work out his best X1

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    Quote Originally Posted by California_PNE View Post
    You're talking shit and I pointed it out.
    Then made a shit joke about where I live. And you're crying?
    Haha fucking hell.
    The two teams are pretty similar to my eye and when we don't have suspensions and injuries I'd say the current one is better. It's a matter of opinion and there's no need to resort to aggressive and abusive language as you often do.


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