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It's a funny game isn't it? Not long ago many(myself included) thought 2 million for Moore was far too steep. In hindsight now, it was probably a fair amount and how we could have done with him on Saturday.
i wasnt assed about the price tag micky, im a supporter at the end of the day, so although id never want to see us implode i dont really care what players are on or what we pay as long as they are a nobber
i was more worried that it didnt meet the description that AN provided (this was seddons piece which was accurate! 11th June 2018)

Manager Alex Neil wants plenty of options in the final third of the pitch as he looks for more goals next season.

But their target to play up front is believed to be far more experienced and will require a larger-than-normal outlay. It is a waiting game at the moment, with the transfer window still at a relatively early stage. Landing the striker might take a degree of patience. There are other options, North End also looking at a younger striker on loan from the top flight. But having a touch more experience at the top end of the pitch is desirable


did Moore match that?
prob not, and we were linked with cameron jerome, laughable now i know

but would i take Moore now? course i would
would Moore be the answer? who knows

note before even this i still felt we needed another striker in to go with moult magure and two more

shambolic TH
Alex Neil and supporters hoodwinked